Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Fever

We finally got to get out of the house, and it was well overdue.  Chloe has been getting cabin fever, and if she goes outside, she is so thrilled.  We decided to get the four wheelers out last weekend, and go for a ride.  Well we had to get Chloe a helmet, legally, but it is big enough it will probably last for a few more years.  We started out the trip and Chloe wanted to wear my gloves.  Okay.  Then she wanted to wear my goggles, probably because they were pink, she wanted nothing to do with her dad's.  She wanted to drink out of the water the half of the time, and talk the other half of the time.  So we stopped for a lot of breaks, so she get hydrated and say whatever she wanted.  She was so cute, she had to be careful though, if a good gust of wind caught the brim of her helmet she would nearly fall over.  We had so much fun going for our first ride of the year. 


Michele and Wyatt said...

How fun! I am so ready for Spring. Chloe looks so cute in that helmet, but she looks to grown up.

Wish upon a Starr said...

You keep her on that four wheeler, you'll have yourself a cute little four wheelin' fool. She is pretty darn cute in that helmet. Do they make gloves her size? That just made the outfit,

Liesl Law said...

MEGAN!!!!!!!!!! My mom was here and told me she had your email but then didn't and I have tried a couple times to get it from her! And I was wasting time and found your blog!!!! YEAH! email me and how are you guys doing? You have a cute little family!!!