Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Garden

Here is a picture of my little girl stopping to smell the flowers. This was actually really lucky, because if you can't tell in the next pictures, she is swinging at the daisies. She thinks that flowers are more fun to pick!

This is my small garden. I am so proud of it this year. I haven't killed any of the flowers yet. In fact, if you look close enough, you will see two of my tomatoes that are turning red!! The others are still a little green. But the fact is that I grew some veggies. The green peppers are in pots on the step, and they are doing even better than the tomatoes. The daisies are starting to spread, even though I didn't know that they would get so big so fast in the front, because I wouldn't have planted some of the other small flowers that you can't see anymore. Anyway, I was so happy that they all lived this year. There is still time, it is only July!


Michele and Wyatt said...

When I was at your house the other day I was going to tell you how great your flowers looked. They look even better with little Chloe smelling them. How sweet.

I think your tomatoes might be ripe. I think I will come over and pick them for you.

The Merkleys said...

Well hello!! We have missed you guys. We are far far away in Oklahoma! I found your blog, hope you don't mind!

Ben and Marcie said...

That picture of her smelling the flowers is adorable! Your garden looks really good!