Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Boat Ride Ever!

Chloe has been to the beach before, but this is her very first boat ride. Michael had just finished helping his dad unwinterize, wait, dewinterize, um I don't know what it is called, Anyway, they had finished preparing Dennis' boat for summer, and we took it to Steinaker to see if it would run. Chloe thought it was great, and would just sit and laugh on the bumps. We may just have to go to the lake every week now. Don't I have the two cutest redheads around?


Rusts said...

WOW, that pic of her and mike and the sunset color clouds in the background all I can say is aaaahhhh!!!!

btw, do you want me to "modelize" your pic on my blog???

tee hee

Michele & Wyatt said...

I think I have a pretty cute redhead too. Hey if you ever want to go to the lake, I know someone who has a boat who is always looking for excuses to take it out. Give us a call sometime.

Jamie said...

yes you do they are both pretty cute LOL!! she is such a cutie isnt it getting time for maybe more LOL!! just kidding with mike alone you have your hands full!! jk mike.

Marcus, Angie & Ellie said...

Hey Megan! its Angie (weber). i stumbled across your blog. awesome! funny that just 2 days ago i was reminscing about highschool by myself and found some fun pics we all took at lindsey's house. high school was funny. anyway hope everything is going well and if you feel like seeing what we...or ellie (you'll see what I mean) are up to you can check out our blog too
see ya