Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Big One!

Well the day finally came, and Michael got to go to his once in a lifetime elk hunt on Anthro Mountain. He left on Friday, and was so excited. There were a few casualties on the mountain that weren't elk. First it was the tire. Popped! There's an unplanned added expense to this elk hunt. Eli took Michael all over the mountain waiting to find the perfect elk. Then they found it. Michael took the first shot, and the elk remained unscathed. After five more shots, the elk had had it, and took off. So Michael had to settle for this beauty.
Michael got this one on the first shot. But then it took quite a few more bullets for this bad boy to go down. Although I don't know if every bullet hit the elk. But thanks to Eli who stood by Michael's side, and helped to load those bullets every time Michael emptied the chamber. And at three dollars a bullet, that expense also added up. So the real casualty was the checkbook.


Michele and Wyatt said...

Sounds like you have yourself some pretty expensive meat. I hope it's good. At least you didn't have to feel guilty spending money at the scrapbook expo.

Wish upon a Starr said...

the elk looks a lot bigger with the rest of the body on it. :)

Too bad your not letting him mount the whole elk on the wall.

Mike has every right to be proud over this.

Ben and Marcie said...

That was funny...the real casualty was the checkbook! Congrats Mike on your elk!! That's awesome!

Alys said...

This is the biggest elk I have ever seen! Awesome! Unbelievable! Is that enough flattery for ya, Mike? Really, it is huge, way to go!! I know you have been waiting for the chance to hunt Anthro since I have met you. Glad you got to go!!