Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Glines Reunion

This was the Glines Reunion, we started at the Dinosaur Monument thingy. Michael was pretty focused on finding those dinosaur bones during the dig that he didn't even notice me take the picture until afterwards. Chloe absolutely loved running around with her dad.

Then it was off to the new recreation center, which by the way is so cool. Chloe is not at all afraid of the water. If I don't hold on to her all the time, she is okay with walking into the deeper parts of the water. So I have to keep my eye on her all the time. I have to watch Michael too, he is not a very good swimmer. Sometimes I have to remind to walk, and not run on the wet floors.

The next day we headed to Iron Springs to go four wheeling, and my dad let us borrow his motorcycle. Chloe loved going for rides. Just so long as she didn't spill her smarties while we rode. That made her upset. When it wasn't her turn to ride, Chloe walked around to each person and made them share whatever snack they were enjoying. That is why she has such a messy face. She is such a lunch mouth. The reunion was so much fun, and everyone was able to be there. That hasn't happened for a little while! Hopefully next year will be just as fun.


Michele and Wyatt said...

Where's your picture of the whole group? I can see that Chloe would have felt bad if I had babysat her while you went four-wheeling. She is such a cutie. I just love her. She takes after her mom and is very photogenic.

Rusts said...

I always have to tell Thomas to walk and not run! The lifeguards get upset and kick you out if you don't follow the rules! I can just picture Mike just giddy and skipping and hopping and laughing!! teehee teehee! He always makes me smile!

Tell little Chloe hi for us! We'll see you in about a week!

The Hartle's said...

Looks like so much fun, Chloe is a crack up!

Wish upon a Starr said...

You have very cute kids. It is so good that you are very patient with them both. :) They grow up all to fast.

Tyson and Dani Hacking said...

Looks like you guys are staying pretty busy this summer, let us know if you are ever out this way, we need to get together

Rusts said...

hope you're feeling better by the time you read this babe!

Oh, btw, you're it!

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